A challenging 2D puzzle-platformer about making low-budget movies.

This is the original jam version that was created during Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 with the theme "Rewind".

We are currently working on a full game of It's a Wrap! and we have a new Demo up on Steam. To stay up to date on the development process you can follow us on Twitter

Jam version created by

Dennis Elgert

Guillaume Bernard

Dominik Schwäger

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withUnity


It's a Wrap - Windows 91 MB
It's a Wrap - Mac OS 90 MB

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Quite original I would say, but it takes me a bit to understand how it works. Also, I wish there were a clearer objective of each level. For example, I don't understand how to pass the King Kong level at all, even though I have saved the princess.


Hey, thank you for your feedback! We are currently working on a new demo where things are hopefully a lot clearer, stay tuned!

Oh I just figured out that one ! Lucky I checked out the other comments about needing 2 takes and realized the cloud is kinda useless at first !

Really funny and original, congrats !

Thank you very much!

cant download it removes itself when i finish downloading it


That doesn't sound like a problem with the game itself, could it be some firewall or antivirus?

Otherwise you can always play the browser version!

This is much cool could u put this on nintendo switcH?


because they probably dont have time for that because you have to make into an app compatible for the switch

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Lot's of potential but certainly needs polishing, keep up the good work friend


Thank you for playing! We are working on the polishing right now, stay tuned ;)

This was so much fun


That Monster one was difficult, i got it from comment section, otherwise this game has potential to win big market. Keep it up😍

The concept of the game is great!! I like this idea. 
I had problem with King Kong but I finally solved it! :D 
You are very creative team :-)
Congrats! ;-) 

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Never Finsihed the first level. F, I understood nothing LOL. 

sry for bad english.

You can drag and drop the clips on the lower part of your screen to time the movements of objects on the scene.

Time things correctly to be able to reach the end goal of each scene.

Deleted 2 years ago

th- That literally explains the way you play

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Up to take 46 on scene C1.

I'm just not seeing how a pool of water is gonna make King Kong let go of this woman, and I can't get her to jump down into it.


I figured it out and I hate it. There's nothing about the sequence given that indicates that if you make Kong act sooner the helicopter crashes into him. There's a visual hint as you're moving his timewidget around, but I am not sure what that visual element *is.*

(Also, it might be relative to the clouds, I'm not really sure)

The concept of the game in fantastic! My congrats




I admit that level turned out to be a little too difficult. The solution has got something to do with a pool and at least 2 takes ;P

Great game! Such a simple puzzle idea that can actually get hard. I had trouble saving the princess. 18 Takes lol. 
Good job though! 

Thank you! Yea, I think we made saving the princess a little too hard, but I admire your endurance!