A downloadable game for Windows

An (almost) endless strategy puzzle game about forming patterns by placing dice next to each other.

How to Play

  • Roll the dice and place it in one of the empty grid slots, starting from the center.
  • Create patterns with the dice you place, in order to complete missions and earn rewards.
    • Currently active missions are shown in the top left corner.
    • Each mission stays active for a limited amount of turns, before getting replaced by a new one.
    • Completing a mission rewards you with additional lifetime and a new tile to customize your dice with.
  • Every turn you pass without completing a mission, your lifetime counter goes down; once your lifetime gets to 0 it's game over.
  • Resist as long as you can!

Required Hardware

Just a Mouse!

Created by Chanko Studios

Game Design

Corrado Mariani / Killian Le Blanc


Thibaut Hunckler / Maxence Colas / Guillaume Bernard

Art & Animation

Ambre Le Roux / Sixtine Baillot / Dominik Schwäger

Created in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2022.

Theme: Roll of the Dice

Big thanks to the XP School Lyon for providing us with the space to participate in this Jam!

Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


PimpMyDice.zip 31 MB

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